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Open Auditions
and Tech Crew/Backstage Personnel Call


Have you ever been onstage? Would you like to try it again or try it for the first time? We want to see what you’ve got!  YOU are the Community in Community Theater.

January 22 and 24 at 7:00 pm

Wait Until Dark

By  Frederick Knott

   A sinister con man, Roat, and two ex-convicts, Mike and Carlino have traced the location of a mysterious doll to the Greenwich Village apartment of Sam Hendrix and his blind wife, Susy. Sewn inside the doll are several grams of heroin. When a woman is murdered, the situation becomes more urgent. Roat and his ex-convicts convince Susy that the police have implicated Sam in the murder, and the doll is the key to his innocence. A deadly game of cat and mouse ensues and Susy knows the only way to play fair is by her rules.

NEEDED: 6 men, 1 woman, 1 girl. (Flexible casting a possibility.)

Roles available:
Mike (Male, 28-35):
a con man, must be able to exude charm
Carlino (Male or Female, 35-45):
another con artist, must have a big, physical presence.
Henry Roat, Jr. (Male, 35 -45):
the antagonist, master criminal, has to have an air of menace
Susy Hendrix (Female, 23 -30):
the protagonist, vulnerable yet strong, must be able to act blind
Sam Hendrix (Male or female, 28-35):
Susy’s husband, should be able to exude an air of the military
Gloria (female, 10-12):
the Hendrix’s upstairs neighbor, precocious, temperamental but ultimately helpful
2 Police Officers (Male or female, 18 and up)

Directed by Tony Copper

SHOW DATES:  April 6-15

Auditions are cold readings from the script. A cursory knowledge of the play is helpful.

Xenia Area Community Theater
45 E. Second St. in Xenia