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Our Board of Directors
and Officers

Our Mission: To encourage community cultural and artistic endeavors and to promote, educate and develop community interest in the arts.

Our Executive Director:

Tom Blessing IV
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Tom Blessing
The Executive Committee

President: Llyn McCoy

Vice President: Alan King
Secretary: Debra Zweber
Treasurer: Dr. Gerald Troy
The Board of Directors
Lynda Troy
Karen King
Debra Christianson
James Cain
Katlyn King
Carolyn Crum
Ron Ackerman

The Xenia Area Community Theater Board of Directors is comprised of local citizens that truly want to make a difference in the cultural enrichment of our area.

They volunteer many hours to ensure an enriching experience for the participants and the audiences for the programs that are selected.  They take great pride in the quality that local residents have come to expect from our young theater.

If you are interested in being a part of the process of keeping live theater available to our community, please consider supporting X*ACT with either funding or time.  We cannot do this alone. Volunteer hours reporting forms:
hours hours