Play Love Letters and Caesar Creek Vineyards Wine!

The Xenia Area Community Theater (X*ACT) will again offer their signature and unique evening of the play Love Letters Thursday September 6, 2018 at 5:30 pm at Caesar Creek Vineyards.

The play chronicles a 50-year relationship and sometimes-romance between troubled rich girl, Melissa Gardner and the ambitious Andrew Makepeace Ladd III. As Andy, portrayed by Mike Taint and Melissa, played by Mike’s real-life wife, Amy, read their letters aloud, what is created is an engaging, humorous, and touching play. Mike is a veteran of local opera and theater and is a recipient of the Blackburn Award for Best Lead Actor in a Musical. Amy also brings a solid background in local theater to Love Letters and is thrilled to be starring with Mike in X*ACT’s production. “Mike gave me a copy of this play as a gift when we first started dating. Performing it with him is like a dream come true”.

Also available for your enjoyment are the wide assortment of fine wines from The Vineyard’s cash bar. Tickets are $25 for Couples or $15 for Single tickets. Member/Student and Senior discounts are available.

If you would like to purchase tickets visit our Shop to hold your seat!

If you would like more information contact Mike Taint  at (937) 304-1115 or at mtaint@woh.rr.com.

Mike and Amy Taint – Perform Love Letters

Cork & Canvas
Cork & Canvas
Cork & Canvas

Scenes of Greene

“Scenes of Greene” an annual art contest held each year to submit a piece of family-friendly artwork adjudicated by the public for cash prizes.  The results are exhibited during the first play of the season in early September.  The results of the contest and its winners are announced at the Gala Reception (opening night of the first play of the season) and is open to the public.

If you are interested in joining our arts center and exhibiting art in the gallery, please contact us at info@xeniaact.org and include images of your craft and a brief statement or resume for consideration.

PHONE / (937) 372 0516 
EMAIL / info@xeniaact.org

Gallery Co-Op


In 2013, The Xenia Area Community Theater expanded their lobby and foyer space to include a new venture called the X*ACT Coterel Gallery.  Home to some 25 local artisans who participate as a cooperative. Art includes paintings, photography, pottery, mosaic, handmade crafts, clothing, woodworking, jewelry and published works for sale, both in-store and online.

The X*ACT Gallery Co-Op is a division in the organization that members can join to promote and sell their works. They can either exchange floor, case, or wall space, to sell by covering scheduled hours each week or pay a monthly fee.